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Mitrofanoff procedure

Yesterday I had a patient who had a Mitrofanoff procedure in the past and I decided to take a look at the literature about this interesting approach.

A PubMed search for "Mitrofanoff" showed 416 articles as of today. Among them, a recent educational article gives a nice overview over the topic.

The original article was published 1980 describing "trans-appendicular continent cystostomy" as an alternative approach for intermittent catheterization for management of urinary incontinence. Since then many variations have been reported, including appendix, ureter, stomach tube, tapered ileum and tubularized bladder flap, as well as using fallopian tube, vas deferens, and even labial mucosa. A simultaneous appendicovesicostomy and appendicocecostomy was recently reported using a split-appendix technique.

Many reports about laparoscopic and robotic-assisted techniques were published. Repair of stomal stenosis using buccal graft was described. Conceiving and vaginal delivery of women with Mitrofanoff cystostomy was also reported.