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Along the way we shall catch excellence...

Aiming at excellence is the natural goal for a lot of activities in people's lives. Our work is just one, granted a very important, aspect of this process.

Dr. Aloia from the MD Anderson Center in Houston just achieved a point on excellence by publishing a paper about striving for "Zero Harm".

One may not thing of this goal as being a problem but he outlines several issues along his path of improving his outcomes after liver resections. Going for a "Zero" complication rate leads to:

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There is a breakthrough publication in the last Science about successful Teleportation(!) of quantum particles between Australia and Japan.

This is general science and not surgery; I know that but it might have caught me in an optimistic moment because I just started imagining what would be, should we be able to teleport real objects one day.

I am so impressed that I didn't want to let this news just pass by without having noted it. :)